Cognitive Linguistics

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Theoretical Phyical Science as it pertains to Human Thriving

Life force as it exist in Einsteinian theory is not alive until it itself can inhabit a divine prescence such as the mind, spirit or soul.. There are no forces in nature but the force of the immortal God who possesses those who absolutely believe in Him. Life force is the amount of physical electrically- charged potential influxed on a membrane to animate it holographically and allow the essence of God's Spririt to descend onto the inner matrix of the DNA code of the newly formed lifeform. When the process is complete, the newly born organism is able now to fully exist mortally but still co-dependent upon God's Divine Light, thus now striving to survive in the Known and Unknown Universe at large

Thriving as a lifeform is the ultimate goal af all life through the empowered gift of Divine influence. To thrive is to get the most survival ratio, meaning the most life force, by developing the most powerful mental, physical and emotional IQ and adapting it to the world at large.This can be accomplished in some simple ways. 1) Movement that is safe 2) Thought that leads to concentrated, pure action and 3) prayer that is dedicated solely to God..