Cognitive Linguistics

Here's a brief introduction to the user template and how to use it.


The user template has the following configuration:

{{user|~~~|real name|profession|nationality|location}}

Between the pipes[]


The first field has to say 'user', because that is what tells the system to activate the user template.


The second field has to be filled with three tildes (~~~). This code automatically inserts your user name.

real name[]

In this field, you insert your real name. It can be your full name, your first name, your surname, or your nickname.


In this field your specify your profession. It has to be in nominalized form as in "student", "gardener", "linguist" and "goalkeeper".


In this field you specify your nationality.


In this field you specify your present geographical location such as the country or city you are located in.

I don't want people to know my real name, profession etc.[]

That's perfectly all right. Then you just write "N/A" in the fields. However, the first two fields are obligatory (i.e. the one that activates the template and the one that automatically inserts your user name).

Where to use the template[]

Please use it when introducing yourself on the new user log. You may also want to use it on your own user page as a quick and easy way of adding some information about yourself.