Cognitive Linguistics

This page lists and explains the ongoing projects (or things to do) of the Free Encyclopedia of Cognitive Linguistics and related disciplines. It is an invitation for our users to get involved in these projects.

Project Start-up[]

Sice we have just started, there are some starting phase projects to undertake. They are listed here.

  • Policies policies and guides
  • Articles
  • Fora
  • Main page
  • Admins

See our Project Start-up page for more details.

Project Categorization[]

Categorization is a fundamental issue in Cognitive Linguistics. The Categorization Project is dedicated to the creation and improving of articles relating to categorization. We have already created a number of articles, which need to be improved and expanded, and there are many redlinks in those areticles that need to be filled (i.e. we need to create more articles on categorization).

Encyclopaedic meaning project[]

Cognitive linguists argue that all linguistic signs not only have dictionary meaning (aka. denotation) but also encyclopaedic meaning (aka connotation) in that linguistic signs, such as words and constructions, evoke systems of additional encyclopaedic knowledge which is required in order to understand the sign in question. The purpose of this project is to create quality articles relating to this topic and to improving the already existing ones.