Cognitive Linguistics

Welcome to the Project Start-up page. Below are some of the projects to undertake while we are starting up this wiki.

Policies policies and guides[]

Our policies and guides need to be improved on the following points:

  • Formulation: the policies and guides can probably be formulated and structured much better.
  • Grammar: the grammar (in the old fashioned descriptive sense) of the policies and guides must be improved and corrected.
  • Spelling: there surely must be a bunch of misspellings in the policies and guides which should be corrected (but please don't change American spellings into British spellings and vice versa).
  • Content: they may be things you feel are left out of the policies and guides, or there might be other ways in imporving their contents.


We need articles on Cognitive Linguistics - they are essential to an encyclopedia of Cognitive Linguistics and related disciplines.

  • Import from Wikipedia: Wikipedia contains a number of articles on Cognitive Linguistics, which we should import. Most of these articles are in pretty bad shape, but once we've imported them, we can start expanding and imporving them for our own purposes.
  • Start from scratch: all other articles will have to be created from scratch.


We'll have to create some real (and fancy fora). In their present state, they're just like ordinary pages, which may end up being very messy.

Front page[]

We'll have to create a fancy front page.


We need a team of admins. Are you interested? Then leave a message on KEJ's talk page.


We need a logo... a realy coglingy one.

Where can I find the pages that are part of this project?[]

All the pages (with the exception of articles that are imported from Wikipedia) are collected, along with this one, in a category called Project Start-up. You can get access to the category from the bottom of this page. Moreover, the pages are themselves marked with the Project Start-up tag.

Articles imported from Wikipedia are found in a category called Articles imported from Wikipedia and are marked with the import tag. There are several others ways in which to improve articles, such as adding items to the bibliography, expanding them, correction of form and content, restructuring, merging them or splitting them up, or cognifying them. Articles that need improvement are collected in various maintenance categories. You can acces them via a super-category called Maintenance categories.