Cognitive Linguistics

Our code of conduct, which is based on the Wikipedia principles of civility,contribution and neutrality, is very simple:

  • All users should respect each other regardless of their educational, national, ethnic, religious, sexual etc. backgrounds.
  • Users should assume good faith and forgive mistakes and errors.
  • Users should be civil and polite at all times.
  • Users should avoud edit wars.
  • Users should refrain from offending and insulting each other.
  • Users should refrain from using offensive language.
  • Users should not commit acts of vandalism.
  • Disputes regarding the content of an article should be solve in a civilized way on the talk page of that article.
  • Personal disputes should be solved in a civilized way on the implicated user's talk pages. Preferable, personal disputes should be kept away from CogLing altogether (see Wikipedia's page on resolving disputes for more).
  • Neutrality towards the content of articles should always be maintained.

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