Cognitive Linguistics
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Project Categorization
Aristotelian category
Category boundaries
Levels of categorization
Basic level
Category-wide attribute
Collective function
Subordinate level
Superordinate level
Parasitic categorization
Prototype category
Bad member
Degree of membership
Flexible adaptability
Goodness of exemplar
Good member
Informational density
Radial structure
Structural stability
Class inclusion
Degree of generality
Expert taxonomy
Folk taxonomy
Multiple parenting
Scientific taxonomy

Categorization is a central notion in Cognitive Linguistics. Therefore Project Categorization aims at creating quality articles on Categorization and related issues to improve the overall quality of the CogLing wiki.

The table to the right lists some of the pages that are involved in the project. The red links indicate that the page has yet to be created. You will also find existing pages that are part of this project in the category called Project categorization.

You are welcome to add any page having to do with categorization - existing or created from scratch by you - to the project. All you have to do is add the {{categorization}}-tag at the top of the article. This automatically places the article in the project category and generates the project table in the article.

The table itself has to be edited manually, in case you want to add the page to it. You do this by editing in the underlying template directly.